[Freedombox-discuss] IP address acquisition in "stable" vs "testing" on A20-OLinuXino-MICRO

Bart Notelaers bartnotelaers at mailfence.com
Sun Jul 1 12:24:44 BST 2018

Hmm... No responses. So this issue is about the 'stable' distribution not being quite ready for use on this supported board. Shouldn't there be some alarmbells ringing somewhere?
What can I do to help clear this issue, not just for me, but for other users as well? What information to gather, steps to take?

I added a picture of the boot process, but it looks fine to me.

Please help!
Thanks in advance,

June 25, 2018 3:02:34 PM CEST Bart Notelaers <bartnotelaers at mailfence.com> wrote:
Hello fellow freedomboxers!

I'm new to the project and just got my box (A20-OLinuXino-MICRO revision J) a few days ago.

The following issue is bugging me: the box doesn't acquire an IP address on my local network when I'm booting the "stable" image. When booting the "testing" image, it acquires an IP address without issue and boots the webapp after a few minutes.

I do hope you can help me with this one, as I'd like to use Radicale on my box, but that is not available in the "testing" distribution...

Network situation;
router <-> ethernet switch <-> freedombox
router <-> ethernet switch <-> desktop (Ubuntu)

The router is a TL-WR841N with DHCP server on

Using the stable image (freedombox-stable-free_2017-06-18_a20-olinuxino-micro-armhf.img) and after waiting some ten minutes, there appears to be some activity on the ethernet port on my box. However, looking at the list of DHCP clients in my router, there is no new device detected.
Connecting the box to my monitor shows the tty1 login screen.

Using the testing image (freedombox-testing-free_latest_a20-olinuxino-micro-armhf.img) the box acquires a local IP automatically.

Any ideas how to get the stable freedombox distribution working?

Kind regards,


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