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Scanning through those, there's clearly an emerging tide of hate against Google - I wonder if Google has seen that coming? I suspect it has hence its investment in other tech to turn us into money machines.

The problem is that all of these solutions appear to be either incomplete or non-free.

Presearch seems the most obvious one here - and the way its ranking system works is very much like Google's too from what little is available on a quick read of them. I wasn't able to find out much about BitClave in that short read (and my eyes are about done for today).

I mean a free [as in GNU freedom] decentralised system that we can run on a Freedombox. No something that's built and owned by another company that can, in a few years, become another Google and abuse its power. The instant someone finds a way to monetise something (Presearch already has, but it's honest about it) there's an opportunity for greed; and greed only benefits the greedy.

I mean a system which exists only in the cloud - by which I mean the Internet of a connected devices - that no one person or company controls *nor can control.

If it needs a central domain (which it well might to benefit the larger Internet) that could be set up as a public benefit system. (Crap, I'm starting to sound like an extremist lefty!)

Some things have to be commercial for any number of reasons, but as Dr. Stallman (RMS) has demonstrated since he started the Free Software movement, not everything has to be.

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> If you search for "decentralised search engine" there are quite a few mature projects that fit your requirements: https://eu1.startpage.com/do/search?nosteeraway=1&flag_ac=0&abp=-1&language=english_uk&cmd=process_search&query=decentralised+search+engine&enginecount=1&ycc=0&hmb=1&pg=9&cat=web&nj=0
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