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Just adding my 2 cents regarding heavy applications.

I personally think that we shouldn't shy away from integrating
heavy applications into FreedomBox, especially if they are really
popular. Popularity can be an important factor sometimes. A user
who already knows how to use MediaWiki or Wordpress would like to
have them on their self-hosted home server instead of a
light-weight solution that they have to learn how to use all over
again. It might not be a bad idea to have GitLab on FreedomBox if
we clearly indicate that its system requirements are higher.

It is justified to have heavy applications for community
deployments of FreedomBox, like in university campuses and other
organizations. I recently had a conversation with some members of
a co-op thinking of using FreedomBox for its communication and
collaboration tools. A popular application like GitLab in this
case helps with easy adoption. We can always have lighter
alternatives (like Gitea in this case) intended to be run on
SBCs. There can be a warning on the heavier applications that
they are not suitable to run on SBCs.

The other use cases, as Jonas mentioned (and coined new names)
are 1) a cluster of FreedomBoxes with each running one heavy
application and 2) a high config server machine running several
FreedomBox applications (or something in between).

Some recent developments like ActivityPub and Secure Scuttlebutt
seem promising as they don't require all users to be registered
on the same machine. FreedomBox as a server to run P2P
applications and Federated applications might be the norm in the
future. Examples: Zeronet instance on FreedomBox accessible from
multiple devices, Scuttlebutt based social network with
FreedomBox as the hub, hosting federated applications like
Mastodon, PeerTube etc.

Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi <valhalla-d at trueelena.org> wrote:
> On 2018-07-10 at 16:08:39 +0200, dns1983 at riseup.net wrote:
> > Yes, I think It's important to maintain freedom box usable from a low
> > CPU machine, but I think that for reach our goal It's necessary to use
> > more powerful machines too.
> I don't think that having a powerful server in each home is a
> sustainable target: they waste resources in providing services
> that, for a limited number of users, can be provided by much
> less resource intensitive hardware.
> A freedombox that can run on a computer that costs tens of
> eurollars, can be powered by a small solar panel and is easy to
> stuff on a shelf even in a <25 m² apartment is useful to way
> more people than one that requires a full-sized computer that
> costs hundred of eurollars, needs to be connected to the power
> grid (or to a full-sized off-grid power generator) and either
> requires its own room or will cause sleep distruptions with its
> noise.
> the former can't always run the same *programs* as the latter,
> but in most cases it's going to be able to provide the same
> *services* with comparable quality.
> > It's necessary that decentralized services are fast and efficient,
> > something that a low pc machine can't always grant.
> I would be wary to call platforms like gitlab and redmine
> “decentralized”: yes, they can be self-hosted, but they are
> still big platforms that are designed to be hosted centrally by
> some organization and most of their interesting¹ features only
> work when all of the user involved have an account on the
> specific instance.
> Installing them on a personal/household server that doesn't
> allow 3rd party registration of users would have pretty limited
> usefulness compared to lighter alternatives.
> github/gitlab style collaboration in a true decentralized way
> is AFAIK still not a solved problem, but I've seen some effort
> to integrate git hosting with some decentralized social
> platforms to allow functionalities like pull requests etc.
> between different instances.
> ¹ as opposed to the ones for which there are lots of lightweight
> alternatives, such as git hosting, pages, and even CI.
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