[Freedombox-discuss] mount a usbstick permanently on a raspberry freedombox(debian)

Bart Notelaers bart at bartnotelaers.nl
Sat Jul 21 11:04:48 BST 2018

Hi everyone,
I would also like to see some information in the Freedombox manual about 
(auto-)mounting removable storage devices like USB sticks, USB hard 
drives and SD cards. I would like to use that storage with Coquelicot 
and Transmission.
Kind regards,

    Siegfried wrote;
    I have a problem mounting a usbstick on raspberry freedombox.
    However I try to add a line to /etc/fstab , after rebooting the line
    is away in fstab and the directory too is away, wherever I added it,
    either in /, or in /media or in /mount.
    Where is the default file which overwrites my changes, and why did
    You do it in the first place- used raspberry freedombox out of the box.

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