[Freedombox-discuss] Custom local DNS

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Sat Jul 28 19:44:09 BST 2018

On Saturday 28 July 2018 03:57 AM, Daddy wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> after day of unsuccessful attempts, I would like to ask more experienced
> people:
> Is there a way to disable dnsmasq(-base) that comes with Freedombox? I
> would like to replace it with another DNS server (pi-hole), but am not
> able to get rid of it :( It seems to be handled and started by
> NetworkManager.
> Thanks,
> D.
> PS: What I've tried:
> - Removing the package. Unfortunately, this would take Freedombox-setup too.
> - pkill dnsmasq. Two instances are started by NetworkManager shortly after.
> - Inspecting what enabling Bind does. Bind listens on different IPs, but
> my internal network seems to be still served by dnsmasq?
> - Adding "dns=none" to the NetworkManager.conf, restarting NM. No effect.
> - Messing with avahi-daemon, systemd-resolved and resolvconf services.
> Not enough knowledge on my part.

dnsmasq is used by Network Manager only when required by connections you
have configured. The life cycle of the dnsmasq instance and the
interface specificity is completely managed by Network Manager. I
believe this is for 'shared' connections only for which FreedomBox has
to do DHCP/DNS for all clients on that network.

Two solutions I can see now:

- Configure your DNS server to listen on network interfaces that are not
managed by Network Manager. This is done by setting the appropriate
listen address.

- Configure your network manually such as by using
/etc/network/interfaces.d and Network Manager will no longer mess with
that network interface and consequently dnsmasq will not be started on
that interface.

Hope this helps.


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