[Freedombox-discuss] Custom local DNS

Daddy daddy at autistici.org
Sat Jul 28 11:57:28 BST 2018

Hello everyone,

after day of unsuccessful attempts, I would like to ask more experienced

Is there a way to disable dnsmasq(-base) that comes with Freedombox? I
would like to replace it with another DNS server (pi-hole), but am not
able to get rid of it :( It seems to be handled and started by


PS: What I've tried:

- Removing the package. Unfortunately, this would take Freedombox-setup too.
- pkill dnsmasq. Two instances are started by NetworkManager shortly after.
- Inspecting what enabling Bind does. Bind listens on different IPs, but
my internal network seems to be still served by dnsmasq?
- Adding "dns=none" to the NetworkManager.conf, restarting NM. No effect.
- Messing with avahi-daemon, systemd-resolved and resolvconf services.
Not enough knowledge on my part.

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