[Freedombox-discuss] Hosting emails at home

André Rodier andre at rodier.me
Sun Jun 3 08:40:55 BST 2018

Hello everyone,

A few months ago, I had a look on the freedombox project, and while it 
was promising, the main features I wanted were not implemented. 
Basically, I needed emails and single sign-on, plus some emphasis on 
strong security and privacy. I did not need all the software and servers 
in the list. None of the project I have seen online where providing 
exactly what I wanted.

I have been self-hosted for years, but after a migration from a 
dedicated server online to a low power consumption mini server at home, 
I wanted to create some scripts to do it properly. I started a project 
on Github, you will find a link below.

I think I have achieved this. The way I did it is very transparent, so 
you can see what I have done. Everything is done through Ansible 
scripts. I may extract a few parts in different repositories.

I am sending this email for many valid reasons, IMHO:

- I see email and SSO are on your roadmap, and I reckon it is something 
long to achieve, if done properly. What I have done might be useful to 
- I will focus more on open source hardware boards and fully automatic 
installation of the whold system (OS and Software). I reckon this will 
overlap with FreedomBox.

The link to the project: https://github.com/progmaticltd/homebox

I am registered in UK, as a company, and this will allow me pay some 
people to do a few things I do not have the time or skills to do myself. 
Anything developed will be published in GPLv3 or any appropriate open 
source license, and submitted to Debian.

Have a look on the official documentation, and list of features.

Kind regards,
André Rodier.

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