[Freedombox-discuss] command line navigate folders

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Tue Jun 12 06:40:27 BST 2018

On Tuesday 12 June 2018 01:24 AM, ni nhar wrote:
> You say in order to log into the freedombox I
> shall write command
> ssh box at and then input psswd?
> No sudo?


> After I have logged into the freedombox I should write
> sudo su -?


> It is not my home folder I want to navigate to and
> configure. I am trying
> to get a working tor relay.
> I got this link about configuring tor
> http://thardes.de/raspberry-pi-als-tor-relay-knoten/
> I want to know how to navigate to all files.

FreedomBox web interface configures Tor in a similar way when you choose 
setup a Tor router. The relay setup from FreedomBox web interface is 
working for you? (You will need an external IP address for this work 


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