[Freedombox-discuss] command line navigate folders

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Mon Jun 11 20:54:30 BST 2018

Thank you.

> Yes. 'box' user should be an admin of FreedomBox
for this to succeed.

You say in order to log into the freedombox I
shall write command
ssh box at and then input psswd?
No sudo?

> After you login as above into FreedomBox, you
can run the following
> command to become root user:

> box at freedombox$ sudo su -

After I have logged into the freedombox I should write
sudo su -?

> You probably don't have any files in your home
directory. Try 'ls /' or
> 'ls -a'.

It is not my home folder I want to navigate to and
configure. I am trying
to get a working tor relay.
I got this link about configuring tor
I want to know how to navigate to all files.

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