[Freedombox-discuss] is freedombox 0.9 a 1 and how many freedomboxes are there?

a ninhar at inbox.lv
Tue Jun 26 16:13:38 BST 2018

> I want to _build_ from source all parts of Maidsafe and Solid.  Some 
> parts make sense to install on server-like Debian systems like 
> FreedomBox, and some parts make sense to install on desktop-oriented 
> Debian systems.

You want to build experimental debian packages for all parts
of maidsafe? Then everone can sudo apt-get install it on
their debian computer?

On the post I wrote on maidsafe's forum about making
maidsafe debian packages Irvine, who is the
founder of maidsafe, answered. Shall I tell him you
want to build maidsafe for debian experimental and
ask maidsafe to contact you?

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