[Freedombox-discuss] is freedombox 0.9 a 1 and how many freedomboxes are there?

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Mon Jun 25 19:11:26 BST 2018

Quoting a (2018-06-25 16:24:51)
> > I hesitate getting involved with more forums (but am not against 
> > this one specifically, am just exhausted personally, so will maybe 
> > join later), and would appreciate if you could pass on requests for 
> > the pieces I already summarized in my previous email.
> Do you want to install more maidsafe software than the vault software 
> on the freedombox? The vault software will not get released before 
> version alpha 4.

I want to _build_ from source all parts of Maidsafe and Solid.  Some 
parts make sense to install on server-like Debian systems like 
FreedomBox, and some parts make sense to install on desktop-oriented 
Debian systems.

> Maidsafe told me they will make debian packages. Previously maidsafe 
> has made debian vault packages for the public. Then stopped and is 
> testing vault software on servers they control. Looks like nothing to 
> do about the vault software before maidsafe makes the debian packages 
> public.

I understand that Maidsafe is still alpha level code.  That is the 
reason I mentioned in previous email to first package for experimental 
branch of Debian, and only later for unstable.

FreedomBox is a Debian Pure Blend: Contain only official Debian parts, 
no parts built by third-party vendors.

Fine if Maidsafe developers _also_ build .deb packages usable with 
Debian (and derivatives like Ubuntu).  My interest is, however, to build 
packages for Debian officially, possible to integrate with FreedomBox.

 - Jonas

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