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Nikhil Rayaprolu nikhil684 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 08:11:01 UTC 2018

It is great that you want to contribute to FreedomBox as a part of
Outreachy. I think for now a possibility would be to propose "Install
FreedomBox in a Container", which is listed as a GSoC project this year
with confirmed mentors Sunil Mohan Adapa, Dashamir Hoxha. Looking at the
timeline perspective you can also work on some of the critical issues on
Plinth https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth as part of your
Outreachy project.Also as the deadline for a project to be listed under
Outreachy is March - 8 (Today). I doubt this would be possible in such a
short span.

Also, I can mentor you on this project as I have experience with Containers
in my previous GSoC with FOSSASIA, and an experience mentoring students as
a Code-In mentor but I am not sure if I qualify as a mentor as I was not
actively involved in the community for the past one year. Also as I am not
involved with the administration of the project, someone else has to get
FreedomBox listed as an outreachy project under debian.

Nevertheless if listing the project under Outreachy is not possible, you
can still apply for the same through GSoC. In the meantime you can explore
FreedomBox and look at some beginner issues at the issue tracker to get
familiarized with the project.

Nikhil Rayaprolu

On 8 March 2018 at 10:19, Sunil Mohan Adapa <sunil at medhas.org> wrote:

> On Tuesday 06 March 2018 10:45 PM, Eesha Dutta wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am Eesha Dutta. I am a student at International Institute of
> > Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am experienced with Javascript,
> > Python and Django and also a contributor to Open Humans organisation. I
> > came
> > across FreedomBox through my seniors, Nikhil Rayaprolu and Mridul
> Nagpal. I
> > would like to contribute to the project and would like to know if
> > FreedomBox is participating in Outreachy, this year. I found that
> > FreedomBox was listed as an Outreachy project under Debian last year and
> > as Debian is again participating in Outreachy this year, I would like to
> > know if I could contribute to FreedomBox as an Outreachy student.
> >
> I was participating last year as mentor last year but I won't have
> enough time to spare this time.  Let us hope others step in and you find
> a mentor and a good project within FreedomBox.
> --
> Sunil
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