[Freedombox-discuss] orange pi one or orange pi zero the default freedombox hardware

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Sun Nov 11 13:00:11 GMT 2018

I don't want to speak in the name of Freedombox, but...

ni nhar :
> I deprecate showing a raspberry pi on the video on freedombox.org.
> Because the image requires non
> free software. Same reason apply to raspberry pi 0. Isn't raspberry pi
> 0 to low on performance? It
> has no ethernet.
But I think there is version W with wlan+bluetooth

> I suggest making an orange pi one and orange pi 0 freedombox image and
> consider
> one of them becoming the freedombox hardware package people canĀ  buy.
<<FreedomBox is designed to be the software for a consumer electronics
device that is easy to setup, maintain and use. The project does not aim
to create a custom hardware device ourselves, but instead we plan to
support/customize existing hardware.>>

> Computer is about 10usd. In all hardware should be not more than
> 30usd. If a low priced
> solution to get freedombox on the sd card before shipping is
> availableĀ  I do not
> know.
Chinese online vendor only ?

> I prefer the orange pi one because it has a hdmi connector. If you buy
> a freedombox orange pi one
> package and it turns out you will not have a freedombox you can use
> the orange pi one as
> a desk top.
If you speak about Raspberry Pi as a not so good hardware, you have read
somewhere it has a HDMI connector too, since v1...

> I got an orange pi one. I have tested armbian stretch on it. According
> to armbian's forum
> if you enter
> apt purge iozone3 armbian-firmware
> you likely get a free software system. The computer is fast. It can
> run a bunch of programs
> simultaneously.
Raspberry Pi got 1Go RAM... (Orange Pi is only 512Mo ? Yes ?) + 4 USB
for connecting mouse/keyboard/usb key... everything needed for a
"desktop" computer.

> It cannot show youtube or vidoes well. Maybe because of lack of
> hardware support.
10$ computer ;)

> On this email list I asked for an orange pi one freedombox free
> software image. I was
> told it is required it gets on the list
> https://packages.debian.org/sid/armhf/u-boot-sunxi/filelist
> I filed a request on
> https://www.debian.org/Bugs/
> I got no response.
I think ideas can be shared from an open mind ;)
I think it's always a bad solution to impose our solution as a "default

Only my thoughts...

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