[Freedombox-discuss] orange pi one or orange pi zero the default freedombox hardware

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Sun Nov 11 16:14:56 GMT 2018

> But I think there is version W with wlan+bluetooth

The other reasons suffice to advice against
raspberry pi 0.

> The project does not aim
> to create a custom hardware device ourselves,
but instead we plan to
> support/customize existing hardware.

Find haidars nov 11. email in
expand into hardware sales.
Freedombox does want to sell a freedombox hardware

> > Computer is about 10usd. In all hardware
should be not more than
> > 30usd. If a low priced
> > solution to get freedombox on the sd card
before shipping is
> > available  I do not
> > know.
> Chinese online vendor only ?

Why is that important? Who makes the raspberry pis?

> If you speak about Raspberry Pi as a not so good

Are you aware what free software is? Watch this
Then you get to know why raspberry pi is an
choice. If you ask freedombox they likely will answer
they only reluctantly provide a non free software
raspberry pi
image. They likely only provide a raspberry pi
image because there are more than 10 million raspberry

> you have read somewhere it has a HDMI connector
too, since v1...

Did I say raspberry pis have no hdmi?

> Raspberry Pi got 1Go RAM... (Orange Pi is only
512Mo ? Yes ?) +

1gb ram is better. Does not change that raspberry
pi is unacceptable in terms of free
software and 30usd.
If orange pi one's 512mb is enough has to be tested.
> 4 USB

How many usb connectors are required to run a

> for connecting mouse/keyboard/usb key...
everything needed for a
> "desktop" computer.

Add an usb hub and the orange pi one gets an equal
number of
usb connectors.

> 10$ computer ;)

Do the freedombox use graphic hardware support?
In armbian xenial graphic hardware support is
availble. Freedombox will have to
decide if orange pi one can run freedombox.
Raspberry pi runs raspbian. Is that any advantage
regarding freedombox?

> > On this email list I asked for an orange pi
one freedombox free
> > software image. I was
> > told it is required it gets on the list
> >
> >
> > I filed a request on
> > https://www.debian.org/Bugs/
> > I got no response.

> I think it's always a bad solution to impose our
solution as a "default
> package".

To reach a low price freedombox should only
provide one
freedombox hardware package option.

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