[Freedombox-discuss] orange pi one or orange pi zero the default freedombox hardware

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Sun Nov 11 18:04:56 GMT 2018

> I don't know where you have found anything about
Freedombox image for
> RPi 0 and makes you angry against this little
board ?

If you knew what free software is and were in
favor of it you
would not want a raspberry pi freedombox either. I
do not blame
freedombox for having provided a raspberry pi
image. But should freedombox decide to ship a
hardware package requiring non free software it
should be

> I'll watch it asap... thx for the link on this
video website under the
> name of Google ;)

It is unfortunate. Do you know about tor? 

> Ok ? Do you remember ? So I don't know why you
prefer something that has
> the same connector like all the others ? :p

The orange pi 0 has no hdmi.

> Ok why not. 1Go can be just enough if you want
to use it as a "desktop"
> computer. Think about browsers using more and
more RAM when surfing the
> web ;)

Is the raspberry pi better about browsing?
Probably 1gb also has it limitations regarding

> Yeah, why not. You know what you have for this
price ;)

You do not because you have not tested it.

> 10$ mini electronic board that can be used as a
development/test board,
> not a "computer" as I can name it.

Is the raspberry pi a computer?

> >> I think it's always a bad solution to impose our
> > solution as a "default

How many freedombox hardware package options do
you suggest?

> Sorry, I'm not absolutly agree with all your ideas.

Where are your arguments?

> You are free to think that, but sadly I can't
continue to answer.

May be a good idea considering your knowledge
level about free
software and the mainboards mentioned.

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