[Freedombox-discuss] orange pi one or orange pi zero the default freedombox hardware

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Sun Nov 11 16:56:26 GMT 2018

Le 11/11/2018 à 17:14, ni nhar a écrit :
>> But I think there is version W with wlan+bluetooth
> The other reasons suffice to advice against
> raspberry pi 0.
I don't know where you have found anything about Freedombox image for
RPi 0 and makes you angry against this little board ?
>> The project does not aim
>> to create a custom hardware device ourselves,
> but instead we plan to
>> support/customize existing hardware.
> Find haidars nov 11. email in
> https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/freedombox-discuss/
> expand into hardware sales.
> Freedombox does want to sell a freedombox hardware
> package.
Nice news, it can a good revenue for the foundation !
>>> Computer is about 10usd. In all hardware
> should be not more than
>>> 30usd. If a low priced
>>> solution to get freedombox on the sd card
> before shipping is
>>> available  I do not
>>> know.
>> Chinese online vendor only ?
> Why is that important? Who makes the raspberry pis?
"Who sales" was in my mind ;)

>> If you speak about Raspberry Pi as a not so good
> hardware,
> Are you aware what free software is? Watch this
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1AKIl_2GM
> Then you get to know why raspberry pi is an
> unacceptable
> choice. If you ask freedombox they likely will answer
> they only reluctantly provide a non free software
> raspberry pi
> image. They likely only provide a raspberry pi
> freedombox
> image because there are more than 10 million raspberry
> pis. 
I'll watch it asap... thx for the link on this video website under the
name of Google ;)

>> you have read somewhere it has a HDMI connector
> too, since v1...
> Did I say raspberry pis have no hdmi?
You said "I prefer the orange pi one because it has a hdmi connector."
Ok ? Do you remember ? So I don't know why you prefer something that has
the same connector like all the others ? :p
It's like someone saying : I prefer the Volvo brand car because they
build cars with 4 wheels :p

>> Raspberry Pi got 1Go RAM... (Orange Pi is only
> 512Mo ? Yes ?) +
> 1gb ram is better. Does not change that raspberry
> pi is unacceptable in terms of free
> software and 30usd.
> If orange pi one's 512mb is enough has to be tested.
Ok why not. 1Go can be just enough if you want to use it as a "desktop"
computer. Think about browsers using more and more RAM when surfing the
web ;)
>> 4 USB
> How many usb connectors are required to run a
> freedombox?
>> for connecting mouse/keyboard/usb key...
> everything needed for a
>> "desktop" computer.
> Add an usb hub and the orange pi one gets an equal
> number of
> usb connectors.
>> 10$ computer ;)
Yeah, why not. You know what you have for this price ;)
10$ mini electronic board that can be used as a development/test board,
not a "computer" as I can name it.

> Do the freedombox use graphic hardware support?
> In armbian xenial graphic hardware support is
> availble. Freedombox will have to
> decide if orange pi one can run freedombox.
> Raspberry pi runs raspbian. Is that any advantage
> regarding freedombox?
>>> On this email list I asked for an orange pi
> one freedombox free
>>> software image. I was
>>> told it is required it gets on the list
> https://packages.debian.org/sid/armhf/u-boot-sunxi/filelist
>>> I filed a request on
>>> https://www.debian.org/Bugs/
>>> I got no response.
>> I think it's always a bad solution to impose our
> solution as a "default
>> package".
> To reach a low price freedombox should only
> provide one
> freedombox hardware package option.
Sorry, I'm not absolutly agree with all your ideas.
You are free to think that, but sadly I can't continue to answer.

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