[Freedombox-discuss] Summary of FreedomBox Foundation Summit

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Wed Nov 21 19:47:05 GMT 2018

On 20/11/18 11:03 PM, sagen at permondes.de wrote:
> Is it planned that the foundation will be the only one to sell Freedom
> box hardware or could also others perform the same approach: testing
> hardware with the software, including the foundation hosted packages,
> and selling it, maybe under a different name?

The current plan is for the foundation to not make or sell FreedomBox
hardware. Instead foundation would encourage hardware providers to sell

Anyone can test their hardware against the free software offered and
sell FreedomBoxes. If the name "FreedomBox" is used it requires an
agreement with the foundation. No such agreement is needed if selling
under a different name (because software is completely free).


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