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Is it planned that the foundation will be the only one to sell Freedom box hardware or could also others perform the same approach: testing hardware with the software, including the foundation hosted packages, and selling it, maybe under a different name?


Am 20. November 2018 22:21:47 MEZ schrieb Danny Haidar <haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org>:
>Hi everyone,
>As you may recall, last week the FreedomBox Foundation invited Sunil
>Mohan Adapa and James Valleroy to New York City for a full day of
>discussions. Since we are in a watershed moment in the history of
>FreedomBox, we wanted to get the core developers and our staff together
>to discuss the main challenges facing the FreedomBox community.
>Thanks goes to James and Sunil for making the trip to New York. And
>thanks to everyone who attended the virtual Q&A session with Eben
>last week. We feel very optimistic about the progress we made at the
>summit and look forward to continuing the discussions.
>For those who couldn't attend, we've just published a summary of the
>proceedings of the summit, which is attached to this email. You can
>download a PDF here:
>We want this summary document to allow everyone to learn about the
>discussions we started last week. And we also want it to serve as a
>to action. If you are interested in learning what we talked about and
>being a part of our future, make sure you read this document!
>There's a lot of work ahead of us, so let's keep moving forward!
>Danny Haidar*
>Vice-President for Product & Development
>FreedomBox Foundation
>* Not admitted to practice in any jurisdiction.
>Nothing in this email constitutes legal advice.
>I cannot establish any attorney-client relationships.
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