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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Sun Oct 7 15:53:02 BST 2018

Quoting mray (2018-10-07 14:11:24)
> How does Solid compare to IPFS, storj.io, maidsafe, taheolafs, lbry.io 
> ?

Solid is kinda like a web server for socially linked data.  Like Apache2 
it uses http, but where Apache2 serves html documents, Solid serves rdf 
data, specifically rdf data about social activities.  Like Apache2, 
Solid don't care if underlying storage is on a classic harddisk or 
something more advanced.

SAFEnet (developed mainly by the company MaidSafe) is distributed 
storage.  Like TahoeLAFS + i2p but those contributing disks and 
bandwidth gets compensation from those filling the disks. Or like StorJ 
or IPFS or LBRY without melting icecaps to establish consensus.

SAFEnet complements Solid well, and MaidSafe recently added "Integration 
with SOLID" to they timeline: https://safenetwork.tech/timeline/

 - Jonas

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