[Freedombox-discuss] Feature request for backups module.

A. F. Cano afc at shibaya.lonestar.org
Sat Oct 13 19:12:30 BST 2018

I have just installed the backups module.  Nice and clean interface for the
installed apps, but I was expecting a way to save the backup files to a
remote computer.  The biggest need I've had was after a FreedomBox image
became unusable/inaccessible and I had to create a brand new image.  It
would have been nice to have all the configuration (not just the apps) in
a file that could be imported back to make the new image exactly like the
old one, without all the manual configuration.

The ubiquiti routers I have provide such an option to export the configuration
to a local machine.

Still, being able to have the apps data saved in a tar.gz file is good.  Too
bad it has to be moved out/in manually.

So, to summarize, it would be nice to have:

o Instead of just saving the tar.gz file to a local directory, have an option
  to transfer it to a local machine, most likely the one from which the web
  interface is being run, and an option to restore the data from said local
  machine, even as a first step after a brand new installation.

o Option to also save any configuration that is different from the defaults,
  and not just from the installed apps: networks, dns, dynamic dns, snapshot
  config, etc...  My interfaces are manually configured to static IP
  addresses, so it's a lengthy process to re-create a working image from
  written notes.



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