[Freedombox-discuss] WARNING! upgrading firewalld manually renders box unusable and unreachable.

Daddy daddy at autistici.org
Sat Oct 13 15:26:58 BST 2018

Hey Augustine!

This seems to be the same issue I've been bitten by (see my mail thread
- [1]) and yes, solution seems to be this simple.


[1] - Subject: "Please help: Freedombox as a router, "not working"
anymore (details inside)"

On 13.10.2018 01:03, A. F. Cano wrote:
> Hi,
> In the last few days I've noticed:
> WARNING Package firewalld has conffile prompt and needs to be upgraded
> manually
> In the past doing so with aptitude and selecting keep old configuration
> file has worked just fine.  Not this time.
> After doing what I had done successfully in the past, nothing worked and
> I couldn't even get in through ssh.  I had to take out the SSD card and
> plug it into another computer.  Looking at /etc/firewalld/firewalld.conf
> I noticed 2 differences:
> DefaultZone=external	is what has worked in the past, public is the
> 			default in the (new) package maintainer's file.
> FirewallBackend=nftables is a new option not in the previous config,
> 			 and needs to be changed to iptables.
> So, manually changing these two options:
> DefaultZone=external
> FirewallBackend=iptables
> like this in the new package maintainer's config file made everything
> work again.
> Luckily automatic upgrades properly refused to do this upgrade.
> Thank you very much to the developers.  FreedomBox is getting better and
> better.  Now I don't feel safe without it.
> Augustine
> PS: Any news on Shaarli? I keep ckecking and it's still not back in
> Debian.  Does anyone know what the holdup is? Are there other similar
> packages in Debian?  I really miss it.
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