[Freedombox-discuss] Putting Hard Drives to Sleep When Not in Use

Joshua Blagden jfblagden at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 23:00:53 GMT 2018

Hi folks,

    Does Freedombox put hard drives to sleep when they're not in use? Or
is it possible to set it up to do that?

I'm curious because I want to connect a couple of 6TB SATA drives to the
RockPro64 that I want to turn into a Freedombox. These drives draw 10
watts each when in use and 7 watts when they're idling. I'd kinda like
to minimize the impact my Freedombox has on my power bill, so I'm pretty
interested in being able to have these drives powered down when they're
not in use.


            Josh Blagden

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