[Freedombox-discuss] Putting Hard Drives to Sleep When Not in Use

Stefan Monnier monnier at IRO.UMontreal.CA
Mon Oct 29 12:11:02 GMT 2018

>     Does Freedombox put hard drives to sleep when they're not in use?
> Or is it possible to set it up to do that?

Usually, the drives themselves take care of doing that, according to the
power-management config you gave them.  More specifically, this can be
configured with `hdparm`, more specifically via the -B and -S options.
This command needs to be re-executed everytime the drive is powered up
(e.g. after a reboot as well as after suspend/hibernate, tho you likely
don't use suspend/hibernate on your rockpro64 server).

Note: if you connect those drives via USB, this hdparm command may or
may not work depending on the details of the chips used in the
USB<->SATA adapter.
Note²: In my experience, WD drives do not obey -S and instead they do
their own thing based on the -B setting.


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