[Freedombox-discuss] firewalld update

permondes - sagen sagen at permondes.de
Wed Sep 12 20:57:13 BST 2018

I had started this topic in Quassel but now I do not have access to it
any more, so I have to continue on the mailing list.

What I did was: "apt install firewalld", which changed the
DefaultZone=external to public. There was an error message at the end
of the install saying the operation (don't know which) was aborted
before it could be finished. Later-on I changed the settings back to
external and restarted the box twice.

Now I have no access through freedombox.local any more, so also Proxy
does not work. Nor Quassel. 
It also says my user name is not any more in the sudoers file. I can
ssh into the box but do not get sudo access.
Now I am in trouble!!

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