[Freedombox-discuss] firewalld update

Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at thoughtworks.com
Fri Sep 14 13:02:49 BST 2018


I have upgraded firewalld on FreedomBox testing and chose to keep
FreedomBox's configuration instead of the package maintainer's
version. The upgrade seems to have gone through without issues.

The diff as you said is changing the default zone from external
to public and adding the line "FirewallBackend=iptables" to the

root at FreedomBox /etc/firewalld # diff firewalld.conf
firewalld.conf.dpkg-dist 6c6
< DefaultZone=external
> DefaultZone=public
> # FirewallBackend
> # Selects the firewall backend implementation.
> # Choices are:
> #	- nftables (default)
> #	- iptables (iptables, ip6tables, ebtables and ipset)
> FirewallBackend=iptables

You can try replacing your firewalld.conf file with the previous
version (see attached) and restart firewalld or a do a system

permondes - sagen <sagen at permondes.de> wrote:
> Gladly sudo works again.
> What I see now is:- quassel-plinth is newly added to
> zones/external and ../internal <- strange in firewalld added is
> the line FirewallBackend=iptables Issue remains that I cannot
> connect to my Quassel-core (no message in Debian, remains stuck
> at SSL handshake in the android app)and that freedombox.local
> cannot be used to access the box; IP-address works. Any ideas?
> Am Mittwoch, den 12.09.2018, 21:57 +0200 schrieb permondes -
> sagen:
> > I had started this topic in Quassel but now I do not have access to
> > it any more, so I have to continue on the mailing list.
> > 
> > What I did was: "apt install firewalld", which changed the
> > DefaultZone=external to public. There was an error message at the end
> > of the install saying the operation (don't know which) was aborted
> > before it could be finished. Later-on I changed the settings back to
> > external and restarted the box twice.
> > 
> > Now I have no access through freedombox.local any more, so also Proxy
> > does not work. Nor Quassel. 
> > It also says my user name is not any more in the sudoers file. I can
> > ssh into the box but do not get sudo access.
> > Now I am in trouble!!
> > 
> > 	Dietmar
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Joseph Nuthalapati
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