[Freedombox-discuss] private network configuration (tor)

jah knee js0000 at riseup.net
Fri Sep 21 00:36:59 BST 2018


this seems like a great project, but i'm having trouble getting my 
freedombox to run as i'd imagined it. maybe it's my imagination that's 
the trouble ...

here's my set up:

freedombox on private network (NAT)

can't get tor relay to work even if opening up holes in the firewall. 
some diagonstics pass, and some don't. and the ones that don't are 
related to firewall holes (which i've made).

i'm beginning to think the naming of my freedombox is incorrect. it 
currently has hostname and domain set to public facing dynamic dns 
address for the entire network (address points to external router). my 
thinking is if it is to be accessed on the real network, it's address 
should match what external clients will expect.

should freedombox have domain of private network or domain of public 
internet interface (which has dynamic dns name maintained outside of 
freedombox)? is it better to give it it's own dynamic dns host name and 
use that?

i've looked through the manual and wiki and must have missed it if it's 
there. thx for any help you can give.

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