[Freedombox-discuss] private network configuration (tor)

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sat Sep 22 12:53:51 BST 2018

On 9/20/18 7:36 PM, jah knee wrote:
> here's my set up:
> freedombox on private network (NAT)
> can't get tor relay to work even if opening up holes in the firewall.
> some diagonstics pass, and some don't. and the ones that don't are
> related to firewall holes (which i've made).
> i'm beginning to think the naming of my freedombox is incorrect. it
> currently has hostname and domain set to public facing dynamic dns
> address for the entire network (address points to external router). my
> thinking is if it is to be accessed on the real network, it's address
> should match what external clients will expect.
> should freedombox have domain of private network or domain of public
> internet interface (which has dynamic dns name maintained outside of
> freedombox)? is it better to give it it's own dynamic dns host name and
> use that?

The hostname doesn't need to match any public name. It should just be
unique for the local network. I usually leave it set to "freedombox".

The domain name should be a public facing name. For example, I have one
box using "jvalleroy.mooo.com". I also have Dynamic DNS configured to
keep the domain pointing to my public IP.

But I don't think these are relevant for Tor relays. Have you set up
port forwarding in the router configuration? It should include the ports
listed for your Tor relay.


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