[Freedombox-discuss] Bug in Radicale

Dieter dieter at sarina-ist-doof.de
Tue Aug 13 16:25:06 BST 2019

Hi Danny, could you provide some more information regarding this bug?

What is the fix, except "Using the updater"?

I'm currently having some trouble with radicale, as i updated from 1.x
to 2.x, which requires a database-update.
The update mentioned on freedombox-wiki does not work, because the
current python-radicale 1.x from debian does not include the
export-storage option.
I patched the main.py from python-radicale 1.x with the export-storage
from here:
But i am not certain if the resulting file is readable by radicale 2.x

Sorry for mixing my question for "more information" with my current

Best regards,

On 12/08/2019 23:05, Danny Haidar wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The FreedomBox team has identified a bug in the Radicale calendar &
> contact app which stops the app from running.
> We fixed this bug in the most recent upgrade (v. 19.13). Once your
> FreedomBox applies an automatic upgrade in the next couple days, the
> bug will be fixed. If you want to fix the bug immediately, you can do
> so within the FreedomBox interface: go to the "System” menu > click on
> the “Updates” app > click on “Manual Update” > click on “Update now.”
> The bug entered Buster and, by extension, the FreedomBox system on
> June 13, 2019. Thus, users are affected by this bug *only if their
> FreedomBox was installed on or after June 13, 2019*.
> Please read more here:
> https://discuss.freedombox.org/t/notice-temporary-bug-in-radicale/317
> Best,
> Danny
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