[Freedombox-discuss] Bug in Radicale

Danny Haidar haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org
Mon Aug 12 22:05:33 BST 2019

Hi everyone,

The FreedomBox team has identified a bug in the Radicale calendar &
contact app which stops the app from running.

We fixed this bug in the most recent upgrade (v. 19.13). Once your
FreedomBox applies an automatic upgrade in the next couple days, the bug
will be fixed. If you want to fix the bug immediately, you can do so
within the FreedomBox interface: go to the "System” menu > click on the
“Updates” app > click on “Manual Update” > click on “Update now.”

The bug entered Buster and, by extension, the FreedomBox system on June
13, 2019. Thus, users are affected by this bug *only if their FreedomBox
was installed on or after June 13, 2019*.

Please read more here:



Danny Haidar*
Vice-President for Product & Development
FreedomBox Foundation

* Not admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction.
Nothing in this email constitutes legal advice.
I cannot establish any attorney-client relationships.

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