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Danny Haidar haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org
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On 2/22/19 5:52 PM, Jon Carriel via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
> I bought a Cubietruck and a 64GB micro-SD card.  Managed to put the
> Cubietruck together.  I have a Windows 7 system.  Successfully
> downloaded the F.B. Cubietruck emulation onto the card with Etcher. 
> Following the video on the freedombox.org homepage, I inserted the SD
> card, connected to my router, and powered on.  After half an hour, the
> ethernet still blinks green and red, and FWIW the Windows Network
> doesn't see the new machine. 
> Is the video's assumption that one has a working SBC first?  Does one
> have to boot the Cubietruck first?  Is it necessary to install Debian
> first?  I'm at a loss here.
Hi Jon,

Thanks for trying out FreedomBox.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, your SBC should be working in the sense that you have
confirmation that it ins't broken. Since your ethernet indicator lights
are blinking, it sounds like your hardware is working.

2. Once you've installed FreedomBox on the SD card, all you have to do
is insert the SD into the Cubietruck, plug in the ethernet cord, and
then plug in the power cord. No need to do anything else to the
Cubietruck before plugging in the SD and ehternet and power cords.

3. No, it is not necessary to install Debian first. The image you
flashed onto your SD card should be all you need.

It sounds like you've followed all the steps correctly, so I want to
learn more.

When you downloaded the FreedomBox image, which version did you
download? Was it under "stable", "testing", or "unstable"? And did you
make sure that it was for the Cubietruck? Just want to be extra sure here.

Also, did you check your router's interface to see if the FreedomBox
appears on your local network? You mentioned that you don't see anything
on Windows Network, but what about your router's user interface? In my
case, I was using a TP-Link router, which I could access by browsing to Once I got to the router's interface and logged in, I saw a
map of devices on my network, and the FreedomBox was listed at a local
IP address like "". So I entered that local IP address into
my browser, and I saw the FreedomBox interface.

Try to find the local IP address of your FreedomBox and enter it into
your browser's URL bar.

I hope we can get to the bottom of this!



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