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Additionally, be patient. It might take much longer than 30 minutes before everything is installed. 1 hour should do it for sure.


Am 23. Februar 2019 00:21:31 MEZ schrieb Danny Haidar <haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org>:
>On 2/22/19 5:52 PM, Jon Carriel via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
>> I bought a Cubietruck and a 64GB micro-SD card.  Managed to put the
>> Cubietruck together.  I have a Windows 7 system.  Successfully
>> downloaded the F.B. Cubietruck emulation onto the card with Etcher. 
>> Following the video on the freedombox.org homepage, I inserted the SD
>> card, connected to my router, and powered on.  After half an hour,
>> ethernet still blinks green and red, and FWIW the Windows Network
>> doesn't see the new machine. 
>> Is the video's assumption that one has a working SBC first?  Does one
>> have to boot the Cubietruck first?  Is it necessary to install Debian
>> first?  I'm at a loss here.
>Hi Jon,
>Thanks for trying out FreedomBox.
>To answer your questions:
>1. Yes, your SBC should be working in the sense that you have
>confirmation that it ins't broken. Since your ethernet indicator lights
>are blinking, it sounds like your hardware is working.
>2. Once you've installed FreedomBox on the SD card, all you have to do
>is insert the SD into the Cubietruck, plug in the ethernet cord, and
>then plug in the power cord. No need to do anything else to the
>Cubietruck before plugging in the SD and ehternet and power cords.
>3. No, it is not necessary to install Debian first. The image you
>flashed onto your SD card should be all you need.
>It sounds like you've followed all the steps correctly, so I want to
>learn more.
>When you downloaded the FreedomBox image, which version did you
>download? Was it under "stable", "testing", or "unstable"? And did you
>make sure that it was for the Cubietruck? Just want to be extra sure
>Also, did you check your router's interface to see if the FreedomBox
>appears on your local network? You mentioned that you don't see
>on Windows Network, but what about your router's user interface? In my
>case, I was using a TP-Link router, which I could access by browsing to
> Once I got to the router's interface and logged in, I saw
>map of devices on my network, and the FreedomBox was listed at a local
>IP address like "". So I entered that local IP address into
>my browser, and I saw the FreedomBox interface.
>Try to find the local IP address of your FreedomBox and enter it into
>your browser's URL bar.
>I hope we can get to the bottom of this!
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