[Freedombox-discuss] Locked out of new installation2

Jon Carriel joncarriel at protonmail.com
Sat Feb 23 20:24:24 GMT 2019

Hi, I only got into FreedomBox on a Cubietruck for the first time yesterday.

I got as far as creating a username and password (and kept careful note).

Last night--thinking to log out as a user--I did a system power-down.  (Was that a mistake?)  The Cubietruck remained powered, however.

Today, I can get to the FreedomBox login screen, but it rejects my ID.

Do I need to reinstall?  How do I do that?

Many thanks,  JON



Perhaps more serious than the power-down, I forgot to mention that I had also gotten into the System app, and renamed the hostname to freedombox-JTC and the domain name to jtcarrieljr-FB .

Could those changes have locked me out today?

(Are capital letters a bad idea?)

Would a reinstall consist of re-Etching the chip, then starting over with the Cubietruck as before?

Thanks,  JON
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