[Freedombox-discuss] Locked out of new installation3 FIXED!

Jon Carriel joncarriel at protonmail.com
Sun Feb 24 23:17:07 GMT 2019

Hi, I only got into FreedomBox on a Cubietruck for the first time yesterday.

I got as far as creating a username and password (and kept careful note).

Last night--thinking to log out as a user--I did a system power-down.  (Was that a mistake?)  The Cubietruck remained powered, however.

Today, I can get to the FreedomBox login screen, but it rejects my ID.

Do I need to reinstall?  How do I do that?

Many thanks,  JON


Perhaps more serious than the power-down, I forgot to mention that I had also gotten into the System app, and renamed the hostname to freedombox-JTC and the domain name to jtcarrieljr-FB .

Could those changes have locked me out today?

(Are capital letters a bad idea?)

Would a reinstall consist of re-Etching the chip, then starting over with the Cubietruck as before?

Thanks,  JON
[Sunday, 6pm New York time]  Hi -- I made some progress.  I reinstalled from the beginning, and got in.
I've discovered the difference between a system power-down and logging myself out. I've successfully logged myself out and gotten back in. Whew!
So far, the only configurations I've altered were the time, and I added TOR. (I've left the hostname and domain name blank, assuming that changing them somehow locked me out before.)

When I log out, and close the Chrome browser, and try to go straight into https://freedombox.local I have to reassure Kaspersky that I'm willing to deal with the dire risk of it, and that gets me to the login screen.  Will the Certificates app get automatically around this?

One more quick question -- I'll line up all the others in a new thread -- is:  though the system says TOR is enabled, it seems I still need to download the browser.  But which browser?  Windows?  What's "OpenBSD"?

Thanks again,  JON
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