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Danny Haidar haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org
Mon Feb 25 16:51:17 GMT 2019


I'm glad that you've continued to use FreedomBox. Since you're asking
these questions, I'll assume that you've solved your password problem.
Responses to your questions:

1. No, the printer does not have to be noted, and neither do any of your
other devices. Generally speaking, FreedomBox is neutral to the other
devices on your local network. I haven't needed to configure my
FreedomBox in a certain way in order to accommodate any other devices on
my local network.

2. If you have an external hard drive which is connected to any other
device (e.g. your Windows desktop), then you also don't need to
configure your FreedomBox to take account of this drive. If, however,
you want to plug that hard drive into your Cubietruck so that you can
export backups to it or use it for external storage, then that is a
different issue.

3. Of the other system configuration apps, I think you should look at
"Backups" and "Update." Backups will help you back up your data, and
Update will help you update to the latest version of FreedomBox (but
updates are done automatically, anyway). Beyond that, I don't think you
should worry about adjusting every option. The settings you'll need to
configure will depend on what you want to use your FreedomBox for.

Let's start from scratch. If you want to use your FreedomBox to host a
blog (via the Ikiwiki app), then you will want to look at these System
settings: Configure (to set the homepage to Ikiwiki), Dynamic DNS (to
set a public domain name using the free sub-domains available), and
Let's Encrypt (to add a certificate which removes the security warning
in your browser).

If you have a clearer idea of what you want to use your FreedomBox for,
then let us know so we can help you further.


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On 2/24/19 9:54 PM, Jon Carriel via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
> Hi!  It's day 3 of my playing around here, and the goal is to get
> basic configuration right, rather than to deal with lots of new apps.
> I first want the system to recognize and work with the hardware,
> software, and gizmos that I already have:
> - HP Pavilion desktop PC, running Windows 7
> - Asus laptop, running Windows 7
> - Mini-iPad, running current Apple OS
> Does the printer have to be noted, or is it used through remote
> control of the Windows PC?
> Ditto the external hard drives (which are encrypted using TrueCrypt 7.1a)?
> Of the System Configuration apps, I figured even I could handle Date &
> Time and Software Upgrades:  done. 
> My immediate issue is:  of the other sys config apps, what should be
> my priorities, given my present limited goals? 
> They're listed in alphbetical order, which makes me worried that I
> could set things up inefficiently, and perhaps counter-productively.
> All suggestions will be welcome!  Thanks again,  JON

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