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Robert Pollak robert.pollak at posteo.net
Tue Feb 26 14:34:21 GMT 2019

Am 21.02.19 um 09:23 schrieb Vincent Ladeuil:
>>>>>> Sunil Mohan Adapa <sunil at medhas.org> writes:
[...]>     > I just documented the troubles with Radicale 2.x
migration[1]. Summary:
>     > - If you have waited for 19.1, FreedomBox would have taken care of
>     > upgrade automatically.

I got into this situation by seeing my auto-updates fail due to
out-of-memory, then rebooting, then triggering an update (to 19.0) via
web GUI.
Does this sound wrong?
I am now at 19.1 by resolving the Radicale configuration conflicts by
hand, keeping the currently-installed version.

>     > - If you already manually upgraded to 2.x follow further manual steps to
>     > complete migration.
>     > Links:
>     > 1)
>     > https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual/Radicale#Migrating_from_Radicale_Version_1.x_to_Version_2.x
> The description is accurate and matches the steps I followed myself a
> couple of weeks ago (I did have to dist-upgrade manually to get a newer
> kernel).

Thank you, Sunil, for this documentation. I have now worked through
these steps. I saw one smaller inaccuracy: the "mkdir
/root/radicale-migration" is superfluous:
> root at freedombox:~# mkdir /root/radicale-migration
> root at freedombox:~# python -m radicale --export-storage=/root/radicale-migration
> INFO: Exporting storage for Radicale 2.0.0 to '/root/radicale-migration'
> ERROR: Can't create '/root/radicale-migration' directory: Destination path '/root/radicale-migration' already exists

The directory /root/radicale-migration/ is created by the export instead
(just containing a subdirectory collection-root/ ).

I see something strange, however:
The migration steps created a directory
containing subdirectories for my users. But there is already another
directory /var/lib/radicale/collections/collection-root/, also
containing user subdirectories (but with far less data inside).

So it seems that /root/radicale-migration/collection-root/ should have
been merged into /var/lib/radicale/collections/collection-root/ instead.
Am I right?

But the worst is: now after these migration steps all my family phones'
calendars were emptied when syncing.
So I removed my old DAVx5 accounts, and when I new create a new account
on my phone with either of
, I never get any calendars or address books offered for synchronization
any more - not even my own! (Even after manually triggering "new
(The first URL variant as suggested by

(Btw., Radicale's "Run Diagnostics" passes in all but one tcp6 cases.)

So I will now make an off-computer backup of both
/root/radicale_backup.tgz and the contents of

Then, I see some ways to proceed:
A) Somehow getting Radicale 2.x to sync with DAVx5, even if that means
starting from a fresh freedombox image. Then somehow getting my data in
again (perhaps simply by copying the ics files from the backup? Or by
the "Calendar Import-Export" app [1]).
B) Somehow going back to Radicale 1.x and restoring a recent calender
backup via web GUI, then trying to stay on 1.x.
C) Going back to my Email provider's CALDAV/CARDDAV server and trying to
get my data back in there [1].

Naturally, I prefer A, but how can I make the syncing work?


[1] "Calendar Import-Export",

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