[Freedombox-discuss] Patch: Freedom-Maker support for Lamobo R1

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu May 30 20:57:25 BST 2019

> If a machine boots without /boot properly mounted and the kernel or
> u-boot packages get upgraded by unattended-upgrades, then the system
> will fall into an inconsistent state.

Could be, yes.  But there's a pretty good probability in my experience
that the inconsistent state is still "working" in the sense that it
still boots, OpenVPN will still be working, and I can still SSH into it,
and I can easily fix it.

Especially if the mount failure gets notified via the usual monitoring,
so I get to fix it even long before it gets into an inconsistent state.

> In this case, it is better for the system not to boot and point out
> errors in /etc/fstab instead.

So it doesn't boot, and I'm screwed because I can't SSH into it to
fix it, so I have to get someone to physically go there and that someone
needs to be up to the task of accessing the serial console and do the
funny dance.  And in the mean time, my VPN doesn't work, etc...

To each his definition of "better", of course ;-)


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