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>From the crypto list.
Is this something FB should consider including?

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The IETF has started a discussion list for the Mathematical Mesh in
preparation for a Working Group forming BOF at the Singapore meeting
in November.

We should get started on the discussions later today. People here
might want to subscribe ahead of time.

mathmesh at ietf.org

Subscription page:


The Mesh is two separate things at this point

1) A protocol that makes it easy to manage private keys (and other
application configuration data) across a user's devices.

2) The cryptographic platform that was originally designed to support
(1) but can be used to build applications in its own right. These
technologies include:

A generalized fingerprint format allowing digest values, cryptographic
keys, keyshares and nonces to be represented in compact (BASE 32

Data At Rest Envelope (DARE)

A PKCS#7 type format for use with JSON signature and encryption and an
append only log format that supports BlockChain type integrity checks
and incremental encryption.

Personal Mesh

A JSON based client-side PKI. This has many of the features of SAML
and PKIX but is designed to support management of trust relationships
and keys from the point of view of the end-user.

Mesh Account

An extension of a Personal Mesh that represent's a particular external
persona (e.g. personal, business use).

Mesh Service

An untrusted cloud based service protocol that supports a messaging
infrastructure used to manage a personal Mesh.

Meta Cryptography

The Mesh makes use of a number of key splitting and key combining
techniques that are made possible by the features of Diffie Hellman
and its EC variants.

A key innovation in the Mesh is that unlike in traditional Internet
protocols where an account is created by and belongs to a service
provider, Mesh accounts are created by Mesh users and ultimately
controlled by a private key held by the user. Thus while Alice may
begin by creating a personal account and binding it to
alice at example.com for service, she can change her mind at any time and
change her service provider to example.net.
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