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Over the last few weeks there's been huge increase in interest from folks
wanting the security and autonomy of running their remote collaboration
services, rather than being at the mercy of traditional proprietary
centralised apps. Meanwhile, the Matrix.org homeserver has been very
overloaded (although we're at last making excellent progress in radically
improving Synapse's performance) - so it's particularly important right now
to help folks run their own servers.

Therefore we're very happy to announce that it's easier than ever before
now to self-host your own video conferencing alongside Riot & Synapse: as
of Riot/Web 1.5.15 (released last week), it's now a single config option to
point Riot at a specific Jitsi rather than needing to hook up to an
integration manager!

Meanwhile, over the last 18 months, it's got easier and easier to run your
own Matrix deployments: the Debian packages are unrecognisably better now,
and with .well-known URL support it's trivial to set up federation without
needing to worry about complicated DNS, TLS or load balancer configurations.

So, to try to show off just how smooth this has become, we thought we'd do
a run-through video showing installing Synapse, Riot & Jitsi on a
completely fresh Debian install. It's (almost) filmed in a single shot, and
takes about 20 minutes from beginning to end.

Please note that this does assume you're pretty familiar with Linux system
administration. If you're not, then we'd recommend using a Matrix hosting
provider such as Modular.im (which directly supports development of the
core team), Ungleich.ch, or StartupStack.

Finally, while the video shows how to install on Debian via Debian
packages, there are many many other environments and architectures (e.g.
installing under Docker) - this is just one relatively easy way to skin the
cat. Perhaps there will be other 'speed-run' videos in future :)

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