[Freedombox-discuss] CALL: Saturday, April 11 at 14:00 UTC

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Sat Apr 11 08:43:40 BST 2020

(context https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/ProgressCalls )


Here someone who likes freedombox project and wants to express it.

Prior to the monthly  progress call I will have a mumble
client connected to server <mumble.freedombox.org> port 64738.

You are welcome to join me so can try your configuration.
Yes, I want to be your testing counter part   :-)

Hope to hear[1] from you from 13:30 UTC

Geert Stappers

[1] Mumble is audio only

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Subject: [Freedombox-discuss] CALL: Saturday, March 14 at 14:00 UTC
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The FreedomBox community's upcoming progress call is this Saturday,
March 14 at 14:00 UTC.

To access our calls, please use a Mumble voice over IP (VoIP) client
application (available for free for desktop and mobile).  On your Mumble
client, please connect to server <mumble.freedombox.org> port 64738.

Learn more about how to connect here:

You can find all future call reminders in the "Announcements" category
of our forum. Comments and agenda items can also be posted in the forum
thread for each call: https://discuss.freedombox.org/c/announcements

Daniel Gnoutcheff
Systems Administrator
Software Freedom Law Center

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Geert Stappers
Silence is hard to parse

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