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Wed Dec 2 16:09:54 GMT 2020

I would like to suggest a change in the user interface and in
documentation.Let's start with documentation/manual (the
wiki).Currently the manual is *software* (buzz word "apps") centered. I
think it should be *application* centered, so what can the user do with
it. Let me give an example; the topic should e.g. be:
- Data exchange and synchronisation with other people and devices  -
Locally sharing (Samba)  - File and Snippet sharing (Bepasty)  -
Calendars and Addressbook (Radicale)  - Synchronisation (Syncthing)  -
E-book library (Calibre)  - Software library (GitWeb)  - BitTorrent
(there should be a more generic title, I just have not yet understood
what exactly I do with it)    - Deluge     - Transmission (1-3 phrases
of differences of them)  - MLDonkey (I never understood what this is
either, even Wikipedia could not make it clear to me)
Each of these items needs a 1-3 phrase explanation ("management
summary") of what it does and how it distinguishes from the other
"apps". Then a link to the details we already have in the manual.So the
user who wants to share a file with someone else can immediately find
the best app for this application.
The same could be done for communication (matrix, mail, ICQ, ...),
bypassing censorship (Tor, ...) etc.
The GUI should follow the same scheme, kind of mirror the manual (or
vice versa).
Each app that requires some configuration that is currently done
somewhere else (e.g. dns, lets encrypt, ...) should *lead* the user to
setting up that app including linking to that configuration.
So summarizing: What does the user want to do? Take him by the hand and
lead him. Forget about software, think user!
I would like to discuss how others see this approach and if we can
agree of implementing it. With regards to the manual/wiki, this should
be easy - and of course I am volunteering to work on it.
PS: Everything that requires terminal interaction should go under "for
experienced users".	Dietmar
Am Mittwoch, den 25.11.2020, 13:00 +0530 schrieb Joseph Nuthalapati:
> The FreedomBox Foundation is pleased to announce that we will hold
> ourthird consecutive FreedomBox Summit on Friday, December 4th, 2020.
> Thisyear, the meeting is fully virtual with participants meeting over
> videoconference. Invited members of the FreedomBox Core Team will
> join theFreedomBox Foundation’s staff for several hours of discussion
> about ourprogress since last year’s Summit and our plans for the year
> ahead.
> The full announcement about the 2020 Summit is published on the
> websiteof the FreedomBox Foundation.
> https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/news/summit_2020
> Though we have an idea of what we want to discuss during Session I,
> wewant community members to have their voices heard. Similar to
> lastyear’s format, we plan on assembling an agenda with your
> suggestions.
> In short, our agenda should reflect the most important issues facing
> theFreedomBox project as we continue to improve our UI, attract new
> users,and expand our hardware sales.
>    - What do you think are the most important challenges facing
> theFreedomBox project?   - What should our development priorities be
> for the upcoming year?   - We want FreedomBox to become a mainstream
> consumer privacysolution. What do you think we need to do to get to
> this point?
> The Summit is one of the best opportunities to bring your ideas
> forFreedomBox into the limelight. Please reply to this email with
> yourideas for agenda items for the 2020 Summit and also make sure to
> jointhe Q&A session on 4th December.
> As always, thank you for being committed members of the
> FreedomBoxcommunity!
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