[Freedombox-discuss] Request for Comments: Agenda Items for 2020 Summit - UI

permondes - sagen sagen at permondes.de
Wed Dec 2 20:17:10 GMT 2020

Am Mittwoch, den 02.12.2020, 18:11 +0100 schrieb Fioddor
> El mié., 2 dic. 2020 a las 17:22, permondes - sagen (<
> sagen at permondes.de>) escribió:
> > I would like to suggest a change in the user interface and in
> > documentation.
> > Let's start with documentation/manual (the wiki).
> > Currently the manual is *software* (buzz word "apps") centered. I
> > think it should be *application* centered, so what can the user do
> > with it.
> I fully agree with your vision. Please, join the summit.
> And since you're volunteering, I suggest you to start with the wiki
> because it...well, it's a wiki! Let's just build the user-centric
> description outside the Manual section (perhaps extending the
> 'Features' section (?)), for the moment.

I like this idea. Before starting, I would like to get further feedback
and a common consent on Friday.
> P.S. The german translation of the wiki/help pages also needs a lot
> of work and contributing translations is a great way to learn about
> how to deal with the system.

I did a lot of work on it when I started using the FreedomBox in 2015
(celebrating my 5 years now :-). My name there: Drahtseil.I stopped
working on it, when it was decided to set up the separate web page
freedombox.org. My impression was that eventually the manual should
have moved there. Is this still planned?
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