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Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Sat Feb 22 17:24:42 GMT 2020

Op 22-02-2020 om 16:31 schreef Sunil Mohan Adapa:
> On 21/02/20 5:23 am, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>> Op 21-02-2020 om 11:49 schreef Paul van der Vlis:
>>> Hello,
>>> I would like to use the Fritzbox as a router:
>>> LAN --- Freedombox --- ISP-router --- internet
>>> The firewall should do things like NAT, and I need services like DHCP
>>> and DNS. I have two network interfaces.
>>> I could install DNSmasq and use my own firewall, but what's a good way
>>> to do this the Freedombox-way?
>> I have this working by installing dnsmasq. Not sure this is the good way
>> for the freedombox, but it works. This is what I've added to
>> /etc/dnsmasq.conf:
>> cache-size=200
>> interface=eth1
>> listen-address=
>> dhcp-range=,,1h
> By configuring a shared network connection using FreedomBox (essentially
> NetworkManager) you can have this automatically done[1].

I've removed dnsmasq and tried again. And it works ;-)

Really strange that I did not get an IP before....

> In the rare
> case that it is needed[2], customizations to configuration of dnsmasq
> instance spawned by NetworkManager can be done by dropping files into
> /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq-shared.d/ .
>>> Second step is that I would like to use a VPN:
>>> LAN --- Freedombox --- ISP-router --- openVPN-server --- internet
>>> The Freedombox does not support to act as a VPN client, but I guess I
>>> can simply put a configuration in /etc/openvpn/ . Right?
>> I have this also working. All traffic from the LAN is routed trough
the VPN.
> This is correct.
> You can also try the new WireGuard client via FreedomBox interface if
> that is an option for you.

Would be an idea too

Thanks for your help!

With regards,

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

> Links:
> 1)
> 2)

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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