[Freedombox-discuss] OpenVPN slow

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Wed Jun 24 20:41:57 BST 2020

On 24/06/20 1:58 am, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> It's an Olimex Lime2 revison G2.
> I see an high load of the proces OpenVPN, between 70-98 percent while
> doing a test. So this looks-like encryption/decryption overhead. I am
> wondering about that.
> The CPU has 2 cores, and they are for a big part idle. The load avarage
> is not high. There is enough memory, I don't see swapping.

I just read that OpenVPN is single threaded. So, it will use only one
core and if it is switched between the two cores, you will see each of
the cores occupied < 50%.

AES-256 used in OpenVPN is many times slower than ChaCha20 used by
WireGuard (when CPU does not have support for AES-NI). Unfortunately, as
you have noted already, WireGuard for FreedomBox is only available on
Debian Testing/Unstable. As a last resort, you can manually setup and
maintain WireGuard on without configuration help from Network Manager
and FreedomBox.


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