[Freedombox-discuss] [GSoC21] Interest in FreedomBox email project

Fioddor Superconcentrado fioddor at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 23:22:24 BST 2021

Hi Steven.

I especially like the user-orientation and test-driven aspects.

On the other hand, perhaps because I lack your hands-on experience with
e-mail, I find this approach too monolithic/waterfall for my *personal*
Don't get me wrong: I'm a very critical agilist and I think agile is fine
but not suited for every possible case. I'm aware of the advantages of
securing a solid basis to build on top of. But I'd try to deliver some
value early and then refactor iteratively to gradually add more.
Now, please, don't take my opinion for FreedomBox team's. This is just *my*
impression and I might be suffering from uncertainty due to me being new to
email tech.
This is your proposal. Feel free to stick to it. You might perhaps provide
more insight in your final version in order to visualise that it is
actually feasible, low-risk and essentially a better approach.
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