[Freedombox-discuss] Completed: Dynamic DNS Server Migration

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Mon Dec 20 20:11:14 GMT 2021

On 12/17/21 14:22, Sunil Mohan Adapa wrote:
> On 12/17/21 09:46, Sunil Mohan Adapa wrote:
> [...]
>> Server migration has been completed. No further user action is 
>> required. Notes:
> Also there is a new domain 'fbx.one' to use with your Dynamic DNS 
> account. You can now choose between <mydomain>.fbx.one and 
> <mydomain>.freedombox.rocks.

Some users have faced an issue with new registrations where the 
verification email was delayed. The problem should be fixed now and 
mails should reach without much delay. If there are problems with new 
accounts, write to us.

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