[Freedombox-discuss] phone recommendations, was: Cannot connect to radicale from phones...

Yannick sevmek at free.fr
Tue Dec 21 06:11:05 GMT 2021

Another alternative is grapheneos. I am using it currently on a pixel 6 phone.
I cannot juge if the os security promise really stand (that is far beyond my technical knowledge), but it certainly can drop Google from the phone: it use aosp (the free  version of Android) with security enhancements, and a chromium based web browser (vanadium). It has full support for the hardware including updates (firmware + OS), wich will last for 5 years (security wise) with the pixel 6 and 6pro.

>From There you can install fdroid store, wich incluse the aurora store (tout get applications from the Google store anonymously).
You can even install Google play store, which I did in a second profil. From there you can install some deeply rooted in google ecosystem applications like the google camera which improves photos by using fancy algorithms(which is a hugev selling point for the pixel phones series), or google maps, waze etc.

I personaly do not find the community friendly, as the main dev can erase messages very easily on their matrix based channel, and they have a bad history with calyxos users, you cannot even talk about it...

Beside that, I very happy using this os, but with my limited experience of just 2 days usage...


21 déc. 2021 01:42:37 Znoteer via Freedombox-discuss <freedombox-discuss at alioth-lists.debian.net>:

> Another alternative to Lineage OS is CalyxOS.  I find the community is less
> toxic and CalyxOS is backed by a foundation.  They don't support as many
> phones as lineage, though.  Calyx will only support phones that the
> manufacturers have agreed to support for X years.  I can't remember the
> value of X, but it's on their website.
> Calyx is super easy to install once you understand the instructions on the
> phone.

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