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El sáb, 13 feb 2021 a las 14:38, Răzvan Sandu via Freedombox-discuss (<
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> Hello, Freedombox list,
> Being my first post here, I am glad to salute the whole community from
> *Bucharest, Romania* .

Hi. And welcome.

I'll adress your points in order or easyness:

the free, true
> *solution* offered by the FreedomBox Project and the more general idea
> of decentralizing networks are less well-known, locally. More correct
> information is needed, for the general public.

Translations of the FreedomBox web user interface, freedombox.org and
freedomboxfoundation.org websites happens in https://hosted.weblate.org.
Translations of FreedomBox Manual happens in
Both are open to contributions. Feel free to join and invite others to do

That should solve point 8 for the most part. There's quite some work to be

> 5. *Hacking* (for the end-user) should not be implied. What we intend is
> having consumer-like devices (like common wireless routers) that
> *non-technical* public may purchase and immediately use for publishing
> content on the Web, in a decentralized manner

FreedomBox is not yet perfect, but it certainly is the best fit I know for
that purpose.

1. A way to buy certified, stock FreedomBox *hardware* , with
> preinstalled software (as offered by Olimex or other vendors), on the
> *local* market (without needing international shipment)

Excuse my ignorance. What's wrong with the international shipment?
AFAIK, Olimex is a bugarian company. It's right beyond your border. Both
are in the EU. ...Is the currency exchange too unstable? Is it the language?

> One thing we truly miss is the possibility (for the end-user) to *see*
> the stock FreedomBox hardware (not online, but physically), while being
> explained the necessity of it and *before* buying.

> 3. While I'm perfectly able to download the FreedomBox software and

install it myself on general hardware like the Raspberry Pi,

Couldn't you just show your rPi and explain that there's a simpler, consumer
appliance available?

So, I am personally interested in a more "industrial way" of promoting
> the FreedomBox concept on the Romanian local market.
Industrial processes require industrial budgets, I fear.

> 4. More *powerful* hardware (such as 4 GB RAM devices, not 1 GB; or
> faster processors) would be certainly more sought by the local public (a
> precondition for the success of any mass distribution on the Romanian
> market, as I know it now)
Again, more powerful boards tend to be more expensive and power-consuming.
And there's no just-buy version for them (yet).

If you want to create a local start-up, I guess the project would be
willing to
provide some support, agreed through FreedomBox Foundation. Let us know
if you want to do that.

Does anyone here know if FreedomBox has exclusivity-clauses in Olimex
contract/agreement against supporting competitors?

7. Good *Dynamic DNS* software (already included at shipment) is
> critical, since most of the users have residential Internet connections
> (fiber, CATV, cellular)

 Therically we have working Dynamic DNS. Bugs and enhancement proposals are
welcome in https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/

6. The ability to create *mesh* networks (both via wireless and
> Ethernet) is a very sought-of feature (for small communities like
> villages, please see the ideas of VillageTelco)

This is in our radar, but not yet in the pipeline. But that could change if
the demand
is confirmed. We're now preparing proposals for GSoC 2021. I guess we could
propose to develop this feature.

> Can you please *offer some advice* for building a more active and
> tightly integrated *local* "market" for FreedomBoxes (for obvious
> "political" reasons related to privacy and decentralization), especially
> regarding suitable *hardware* distribution?

Can you proof or provide clues that there's serious demand?

Organising an active user group would be a good, easy clue.
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