[Freedombox-discuss] More info: problem not room-related, crash on anohter computer.

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Fri May 21 21:30:25 BST 2021

Hello again,

Earlier I said that Element Desktop was working fine on 2 other
computers.  On one of those (#1), while running Element in video conference
mode, with the camera capturing, when I entered the video field, the
computer instantly turned off.  Hardware problem?  This is the first
time this computer has done that, and it happened again, only when
Element Desktop was running in video conference mode.  Since the original
problem on the other computer was no video, maybe it is related to the
same section of code in Element Desktop, that makes the computers react
in different ways: the original one, no video but no crash, this one
turns off.  The third one works fine (no crash/power off and good

All computers run up-to-date debian stable and Element 1.7.28.

#1: gateway NV79 with the built-in camera being used. (crash/turn off)
#2: HP desktop with a usb camera (no video)
#3: Apple Macbook Pro with the built-in camera being used (works fine)

I have also concluded that this video problem occurs in more than one
chat-room, so it's not related to individual chat rooms.

I'll keep investigating.


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