[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox 22.18 released

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Tue Aug 16 02:34:12 BST 2022

FreedomBox 22.18 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable.
Migration to testing is temporarily on hold due to a bug in another 
package: https://bugs.debian.org/989409


  * networks: Remove DNSSEC diagnostics
  * setup: Allow starting installation when package manager is busy
  * setup: Fix issue with immediate refresh after installation

Other Changes

  * *: Add setup method on all apps that don't have it
  * *: Drop module level app property
  * *: Make force upgrading part of app rather than a module
  * *: Make setup method part of App class for all apps
  * app: Drop optimization that skips setup process
  * backups: tests: Mark need for Django database during API tests
  * container: Add IdentitiesOnly option to SSH
  * container: Ignore flake8 error 'line too long' in bash script text
  * coturn: Fix link to ejabberd in description
  * doc: dev: Document previously undocumented components
  * ejabberd: Fix showing the status messages
  * locale: Update translations for Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, 
German, Turkish, Ukrainian
  * matrixsynapse: Fix showing the status messages
  * notification: Pass full context when rendering body template
  * operation: Add module to manage threaded operations
  * package: Run installation operation using app_id instead of module
  * setup: Drop setup_helper and use the new Operation API
  * sharing: Add installing and enable/disable like other apps
  * sharing: tests: functional: Fix a flaky test by waiting
  * ssh: tests: functional: Keep service enabled after tests
  * storage: Fix enumerating partitions without mount points

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

- 109247019824
- Andrij Mizyk
- Burak Yavuz
- Cosmin Humeniuc
- ikmaak
- James Valleroy
- Jiří Podhorecký
- Maxime Leroy
- nautilusx
- Sunil Mohan Adapa
- Veiko Aasa
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