[Freedombox-discuss] Use git instead of Salsa

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at riseup.net
Fri Aug 19 22:08:04 BST 2022

Thank you very much for your tips, Joseph.

> You can try to use alternative clients like LabCoat (a libre Android app)

I don't have a cell phone.

> or write your own script to fetch issues by calling Salsa's
> GitLab API, but you'd need a personal access token. To get a token,
> you need to be a registered user. It is currently not even possible to
> create an account on Salsa without JavaScript. The Registration page
> unfortunately uses Google Recaptcha. 🙁

I don't know how to program production applications or scripts yet.  I
do not wish to go through the Google paywall.

> There is an ATOM feed you can subscribe to using a feed reader, but
> you will only know about new issues. I used this years ago. Not sure
> if this is still working.
> https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/-/issues.atom

It does work.  But when I open an issue to see its contents, it drives
me to the non-functional Javascript in Salsa.

> You can continue reporting issues to this mailing list or against the
> package "freedombox" on Debian Bug Tracking System
> (https://bugs.debian.org) through email.

Will do that.  I see that the DBTS has only one year old issues.  But I
guess that my reports will be accepted via email.

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